How Can You Get CashBack for Any Training Courses

How Can You Get CashBack for Any Training Courses

We greet you!

Now we will tell you how to profitably buy any training courses using our website.

Our project is specially created so that you can study cheaper, at prices that even the authors of information products do not have. We work on a win-win basis. We receive affiliate commissions from sales through our links, and you receive from us a part of the money for ordering courses precisely through our links.

We believe that this is fair and beneficial to everyone:
– The author gets new clients
– We receive partner deductions
– You get cashback to your account.

Therefore, we are ready to share our affiliate commission with you and pay it to your account. This will allow you to save money on your education.

On our website we publish a description of information products on various topics. Therefore, everyone will find the right direction in their studies for themselves. Our site is constantly updated with new products.

Important! If you have not found the product you need on our website, you can always write to us at or through the feedback form, indicating the Name of the author and the name of the product. And we will give you our special affiliate link.

Now let’s look at an example of how calculations are made and how much cashback you can get.

Let’s say a training course costs $2,000.
Our commission is 50% or $1,000.
We are ready to share with you up to 30% of our affiliate commission.
In total, we will transfer up to $300 to your account.

As a result, it turns out that the training course will cost you not $ 2,000, but only 1,700.

Isn’t it great? After all, you can spend these 300 dollars on yourself and buy yourself something useful.

Get cashback to your account for training

But you should understand that each author has his own terms of the affiliate program and a different percentage of the affiliate commission. Therefore, we will make calculations based on the conditions of the author of the product and the amount of our commission.

It is also important to understand that each author has their own money back guarantee period. Therefore, we will be able to make a payment to you only at the end of this period in order to avoid various problems with the author and the deduction of our commission. We believe it is fair and safe for everyone.

Payments will mainly be made to the Paypal account. But transfers to a bank card are also possible, depending on where the partner remuneration will be paid to us.

Why cashback up to 30%?

With the remaining commission, we buy advertising, pay for the work of employees, pay for services, and so on. In addition, we want to make raffles among our clients and reward them with various valuable gifts, and this also costs money. And of course, for all our efforts and time spent, we also want to receive a small income. Therefore, we hope that you understand why we have made cashback up to 30%.

The basic cashback percentage is 20%. But it can be easily raised to 30% if you take additional useful actions for our project and share your experience about our cooperation so that other people know about it, and also take advantage of such an advantageous offer.

+ 2% for a detailed review in the comments of our site, indicating your name, so that it looks like a real review.
+ 3% if you post your review on your page on a social network with a link to our site and will not delete this post for one year.
+ 5% if you make a detailed review in video format, send it to us and post it on your YouTube channel.

Another important point:

All cashback payments start on courses starting at $500. Because for cheaper courses, the affiliate commission is small and therefore there is no point in making cashback on them.

It will be great if we all help each other, develop, learn and become better and more successful.

We hope for long-term and profitable cooperation so that our clients come to us again and again, buy training courses that they want to study and again receive cashback for this.

If you have any additional questions, you can always write to us through the feedback form on the website or by e-mail
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