How to Get a Promotion and Find Your Dream Job (Helpful Tips)

How to Get a Promotion and Find Your Dream Job (Helpful Tips)

Take your career to the next level with 10 helpful tips for getting through any job interview and getting your dream job.


Work and profession make up a large part of our life. Accordingly, many are looking for their dream job. Some of them have an accurate idea, others only a vague picture. We show you how to find your dream job using 10 important selection criteria.

A dream job is a job or a workplace that meets all personal ideas and expectations. In an ideal job, we can make optimal use of our strengths and talents, and constantly develop personally and financially.

No job is just perfect. No job is complete without flaws. The naive image of a flawless dream job is above all a dream. However, we can come very close to this desire by knowing the important personal criteria when choosing a career and making sure to choose the right employer when applying.

10 essential signs of a dream job.
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10 essential signs of a dream job.

Whether or not you find your dream job depends a lot on your (realistic) expectations and ideas. The sooner you learn about these selection criteria and indications for your dream job, and the more specific you are, the sooner you will find a job that will satisfy you and make you happy.

Ask yourself, “What is important to me in my job?”

  • Tasks:
    The job must be varied and complex (but certainly not overwhelmed). But how important is your dream job to you, are the tasks aligned with your strengths, interests and talents? Only then will work be enjoyable and not feel like work.
  • Wage:
    Money isn’t everything. But the dream job usually comes with fair pay. No one would describe their dream job as one that barely covers the cost of living. But how important is pay to you – and above all: what can you really earn in your dream job?
  • Independence:
    For many, the freedom to work independently and responsibly, to be able to make decisions rather than just follow instructions, is an important factor in their dream job.
  • Place of work:
    Short distances, where there are practically no commutes – for many, this is a clear sign of a dream job. But how many offers are there in your area? Are you ready to move to another location with your dream job?
  • Responsibility:
    Some people love this, others are afraid of too much responsibility. This does not necessarily mean the responsibility of the staff. Budget or responsibility for a project can also be critical to a dream job. How important is this option to you?
  • Time management:
    The concept of work-life balance and modern and flexible working time models are becoming increasingly important for many skilled workers. Do you want to define your own work rhythm or are you better off finding clear boundaries between work and play?
  • Working environment:
    Particularly strong team members need a working atmosphere of cohesion. They hate elbow mentality, rivalry and conflict. Those who appreciate this should scrutinize colleagues, managers, and the environment in advance as closely as possible.
  • Perspectives:
    If you are planning a long-term commitment, the perspective must be right: can you develop further at work, move forward, change internally? How important is training and promotion to you?
  • Form:
    For many, the public image of your profession is also important. The garbage collector or the doctor – this often matters. As well as the degree of awareness and reputation of the employer. Working for a car manufacturer is different from working for an arms manufacturer or an oil company. However, the latter often pay significantly better.
  • Security:
    There is no such thing as absolutely safe work. However, in the civil service or as a civil servant (police officer, teacher, etc.), the probability of losing your job is much lower than in the private sector. The biggest risk, but also the greatest freedom, is self-employment. So ask yourself how strong your need for security is.

How well can you describe your dream job?

Try to describe your dream job in as much detail as possible. Make a list and write down everything you expect from your personal dream job. The more specific the image, the more targeted and successful your job search will be.

The so-called key questions also help you find your dream job. They encourage thought and thus indirectly give us orientation and greater clarity.

  • What are my strengths?
    Those who can make the best use of their strengths and talents will do better. You will also enjoy your work more. Identify your strengths and weaknesses honestly and comprehensively.
  • What environment do I want to work in?
    Do you prefer to work with strangers or in the office with colleagues? Would you rather be freer in the field or with regulated processes? Working right in the wrong environment will make you unhappy.
  • What are my hobbies?
    Your passion for work is almost more important than your strengths. What makes your heart beat, what inspires you, and what do you like all the time? This is the only way to stay motivated even years and decades later.
  • What job am I jealous of?
    A deliberately provocative question. “Envy” shouldn’t be bad here. Rather, it serves to find relevant selection criteria. Ask yourself: Why am I jealous of this employee?
  • What would I do for free?
    What if money doesn’t matter? In the first step, a dream job can also be found. The second is to figure out how you can make enough money with it?

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