How to Promote Your Social Networks for FREE in 2021 (Service Review)

How to Promote Your Social Networks for FREE in 2021 (Service Review)

addmefast service

AddMeFast –  the universal service covers the most powerful and popular social networks and helps to cheat views on Youtube, gain subscribers on other social networks, and also this is a site for earning money by completing assignments for points, with their further sale or mutual promotion.

Agree that the more powerful a group or blog is promoted and pumped, the more visitors they will attract. This means that you should work hard to promote them, give a good start when they are still unknown to anyone. This is where the promotion in the AddMeFast service will help.

To make the most of all the features of the service, you need to go through the registration procedure.

Addmefast registration


Why AddMeFast?

It is one of the leading cheat services on all the leading social networks. Unlike other similar sites that regularly appear and disappear soon after, the AddMeFast service has been around for more than 10 years.

It becomes especially indispensable at the initial stage of the emergence of a group or page, when it is important to attract the largest number of audience. The AddMeFast service is not an autobot and does not work automatically, only live exchange is present here.

Only by completing tasks, points are earned, which can then be spent on your own tasks by other users.

AddMeFast is very strict about re-registrations. Up to IP tracking. If the network address was noticed by the site, you will not be able to create a new account. Use a proxy or change the IP address.

At the first visit, a window with rules will pop up on top of all pages. Click on “I agree” to proceed successfully. You will have 50 points on your account, which you can later spend in your favor.

Introducing the AddMeFast service

The service is very high quality, but no one ruled out bots. And we can say with confidence that their number does not exceed 50%, and this is a fairly high figure, which makes it possible to use the service to promote a page or group in social networks.

The main directions in which the resource operates:

  • Developing and adding tasks
  • Register of created tasks that can be edited
  • The ability to get an account with unlimited points
  • Buying points
  • Providing daily bonuses
  • Earning Free Points.

The AddMeFast service covers almost all the most popular social networks in which the user can promote his own page or community: Facebook, Google, Vine, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram.

In these social networks, you can easily cheat like pages, photos, reposts and reposts, subscribers to a group or channel, the number of video views and much more.

Cheat through the site

This service is distinguished by its “unobtrusiveness”, which is so lacking in the modern virtual world. There are no requests to the account owner with requests to provide their logins, passwords, forcibly like or subscribe to the network.

Your profile will be closed for spam and other useless emails. The service guarantees your peace of mind online and the achievement of only those goals that the account buyer expects. Among the advantages of are:

  • The network is a leader in the field of social resource promotion
  • They have profiles from all over the world, which significantly expands the horizons of social interaction
  • The user interface is clear and not difficult even for a beginner
  • Technical support works quickly, at any time answers users’ questions and provides them with comprehensive assistance
  • More than 4 million active users, uniting more than 220 countries
  • There are several payment methods, transferring finances to the account is safe
  • The implementation of the set goals is happening quickly, and you see this result.

How to correctly complete the task to get points

Click on the “Follow” button and after logging into the selected social network in the pop-up window, do the action that is required in the section (introduction, like, repost, viewing, etc.). When finished, you must close the window yourself. Only then you will be credited with the points promised by the system (you can see their number above the button that activates the work).

For regular members, AddMeFast gives daily bonuses – 400 points each, which can be spent on promotion services. To do this, every day, look at the section of the left panel, which is called “Daily Bonus”. You will see it next to the star.

How to use the promotion features on AddMeFast

After accumulating points (exactly after, otherwise you will be redirected to a page with a message about their insufficient number), you must post your group or account of a supported social network in the service. To do this, click on the green button called “Add Site”. A window will open in which you should fill in all the fields in order:

  • Type – select the action you want to order from the system (for example, joining a Facebook group).
  • Country – link the execution to a specific geographic location. A function such as “the whole world” is available here.
  • Name – the created campaign must be called somehow. This will make it easier for you to understand your tasks, it is easier to find them and view statistics at any time.
  • Link – URL of the page for which promotion is needed.
  • Total clicks – set a limit on the number of actions.
  • Daily actions – how many likes, reposts, video views, new group joins, etc. you are ready to receive every day.
  • CPC – the number of points that you want to allocate for one execution.

After specifying all the settings, click on the “Save” button.

A table with the posted task will appear in your account. New ones can be found there. The columns contain information such as:

– the name of the action;

– the selected social network;

– the number of executions.

There you can pause, restart or delete any of the jobs, and adjust the settings.

Paid exchange features

For those who do not want to play with getting points and bonuses, there is an opportunity to buy local currency for real money on the site. For this purpose, a section “Buy glasses” has been created. You can pay for them in one of 4 ways: Visa / MC, PayPal, Paymentwall credit card system and mobile payment via Allowpass (more than 100 countries are supported).

Depending on the method of payment, points are credited in different amounts.

At the moment, the service is running a promotion – 20% more points at checkout.

In conclusion, I would like to say that thanks to a generous reward system and free opportunities, the service allows you to practically increase the behavioral factors on your page, in a social network group or on a YouTube video hosting channel, almost for no reason. The promotion of the latter is most popular within this wonderful service.

Click here to register in the AddMeFast service and start promotion on social networks


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