Real Human Voices From Text in 60 Seconds

Real Human Voices From Text in 60 Seconds

Real Human Voices From Text


If you’ve ever tried to create voiceover for your videos, you’ve probably found that freelancers are expensive and can take days to convert text-to-speech made by a lifeless robot.

Let’s face it – making text-to-speech audio has been a SICK topic so far. And what were the results? Just one disappointment!

Sure, you could outsource the voice acting and pay a few hundred dollars for an “average” voiceover, not to mention the time and hassle of getting back and forth with tons of freelancers.

But what if there was a much simpler, faster way to create human-sounding sound in a few clicks, in just a few minutes?

You’re in luck because there is now a new tool on the market called Speechelo that will make your life a lot easier when it comes to creating voice messages from text.

With Speechelo you can:
– Create beautiful, natural-sounding voice-overs
– Add pauses, intonation and tone
– Make the listeners believe that this is a real human conversation.

And to create such a voice-over, you will need a few minutes and just a few mouse clicks.

This is probably the best tool we’ve ever seen. And you, too, can use such a useful tool – thereby you will significantly speed up the video production process in general.

So you can try it and download it now.

You can get an absolute edge over the competition, shorten your work day, and use human-like sound for your videos in half the time.

Think of those horrible text-to-speech video recordings that sound fake, insensitive, robotic and cheap …

So what if you don’t have a good voice for creating your own videos or videos for your clients? Why pay someone to do it for you with poor quality and cost you dearly.

Previously, there simply was no real alternative, but now … with just a few clicks, you get a natural-sounding voiceover for your videos.

Speechelo is an incredible new text-to-speech software that actually sounds like the voice of real people – with pauses, tone, intonation – so strong that it will be difficult for you to tell that it is not a real person.

You can pick up the Speechelo at an incredibly low cost if you hurry. Just listen to the application in action in the video about the program’s website.

Click here to get Speechelo and start converting text to human voice

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